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About Nagpada

Nagpada is an area in South Mumbai. It is a mostly Muslim inhabited area. Nag is the Marathi language word for cobra. A Nag temple still exists at this place. It is Muslim-dominated.There are some of the best eating places here. On one side of the area one could find tall skyscrapers and on the other side you will find chawls.

Nagpada was known as a secular place, with a lot of Hindus]] and Jews living together during the pre-Partition era. Till around the mid-50s, Jews would sit on the kerb and drink kehwa (Middle Eastern tea). After Israel was formed in 1948, many Jews slowly started leaving India. In fact, Gordon Hall was reportedly built on an erstwhile Jewish cemetery. The Hindus of the Nagpada area started their exodus following the communal riots of 1984.

There are two famous restaurants, the Sarvi and Sagar, both opposite Nagpada Polce station, serving Mughlais and Chinese food.

Two famous basketball courts are located in the area the Mastan court and the NH, which gave India's finest basketball players. The place contains innumerable mosques, temples, churches and synagogues. The famous are the Badi Masjid, Nagpada Neighborhood church, Sason Synagogue and Nag Temple.

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